Making Space:
design pedagogies

This website is the documentation of an ongoing research that started as a master’s thesis project between the years of 2019 and 2020. While researching and gathering information to what would result in Making Spaces, I came across a multitude of mind-opening articles, projects, talks, and all sorts of materials around the topic of intersectional feminist pedagogy.
To make sense of all those findings while assessing my own experience as a designer and student is a process that can’t be encapsulated into one semester or a finished product. That’s why I prefer to think of Making Spaces as the provisional state of an endeavor that has started with the question:

“How can design education make space for the missing narratives, forms of knowledge, and ideas that have been long overlooked by design history?”
What follows is a compendium of non-conforming approaches to pedagogy, compiling examples situated in the past and present and learnings from the conversations initiated through this research. Informed by urgent matters such as depatriarchy, anti-coloniality, and the intersection of them, Making Space intends to discuss, question, and expand the understanding of design from within and beyond the limits of the classroom.